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Shipping & Returns


Harveys Jewellers offer customers two methods by which products purchased from Harveys Jewellers website are delivered to their intended recipient:
-    Click and Collect from in store;
-    Freight to address.


This involves the customer entering Harveys Jewellers store at Harveys Arcade, 54-56 Prince Street, Grafton, New South Wales, 2460, to collect the product that they have paid for prior to arrival at the store. For security reasons, we do not allow any person other than the purchaser to collect the product which they ordered unless we have a signed authority on a printed copy of the receipt.

At the time of collection of your product, you will need to present the store personnel with the following:

a)    Photo identification – specifically either a passport, drivers licence or NSW Photo Card; and

b)    A hard copy of the purchase order/receipt or digital copy available for viewing by Harveys Jewellers staff.

In all cases where a customer wishes to pay for their ordered product using a credit or debit card, the purchaser must be the legitimate/authorised credit/debit cardholder. Harveys Jewellers personnel reserve the right to ask for proof of identification in relation to any given purchase transaction.


Harveys Jewellers utilises the services of Australia Post to deliver products that customers have purchased from Harveys Jewellers website to the specified delivery destination.

Due to use of Australia Post Harveys Jewellers will only arrange delivery of products to any street address within Australia or any other country listed as a delivery destination on the Harveys Jewellers website.

Where Harveys Jewellers agrees to use the “Australia Post Delivery” option, then the process involves:

Step 1: customer payment is successfully processed;

Step 2: Harveys Jewellers staff packages the purchased product and puts it into an appropriate Australia Post parcel;

Step 3: All required documentation to accompany the packaged product is prepared by Harveys Jewellers staff and attached to the Australia Post parcel.

Step 4: Harveys Jewellers staff arranges parcel to be sent via Australia Post.

If you have any queries relating to the delivery of your purchased product, then please contact Harveys Jewellers staff to enquire whether or not your product has been sent yet, and if it has when was it sent and approximately where it is in transit to the specified destination. Contact details are:
Email: shop@harveysjewellers.com.au
Phone: +61 2 6643 3800.


Where a customer chooses to have their purchased product posted to a specified delivery address, such an address must be a street address at which an inhabited building is located. Products will not be delivered to an address without a mail box.

1.    Post Office Box addresses;

2.    A locked bag;

3.    Private mail bag addresses;

4.    A community mail bag;

5.    Rural delivery addresses.

If a parcel is unable to be delivered to a street address, Australia Post will leave a card at that address advising the addressee that an article is available for collection from an office of Australia Post. A person taking collection of an article may be required to show identification to Australia Post before taking receipt of the parcel.

All parcels sent via Australia Post will be covered under the terms and conditions of Australia Post.

If orders are received before 1pm Eastern Standard Time on a business day, it will be sent that day. Harveys Jewellers aim to have the order to you within two working days – this can be quicker if you live in New South Wales or a capital city and longer if you live in a remote area.

Damage or loss in transit is rare however if it happens Harveys Jewellers will take responsibility for it. Please contact Harveys Jewellers to organise the return of damage goods or to report that a parcel has not arrived within the above timeframes.


Should the purchaser choose to courier their purchased product(s) to international destinations, then their product(s) may be subject to Duty and/or Customs Charges and/or Taxes on arrival which are applicable to the country that the delivery address is located in. These costs are not known to the seller at the time the purchase is made, and the purchaser is responsible for learning what these costs are, understanding if they will apply to their purchase, any paying of these costs in the event that they are applicable.

Where a product is required to be exported to a country outside of the country that the Harveys Jewellers store is located in, then the purchase price payable by the purchaser excludes GST and the Harveys Jewellers website will automatically deduct the GST content from the purchase price.


All products sold by Harveys Jewellers are subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (guides which interpret this Act can be found here: www.consumerlaw.gov.au).

Once in possession of their purchased product, if a customer considers that their product is defective/faulty in some way which renders it unfit for its intended purpose, then irrespective of whether the customer wishes to seek a remedy for their product under guarantee or not, in the first instance the customer must contact Harveys Jewellers who sold them the product to discuss and agree arrangements for the product to be returned for inspection by the store.

Within the customers’ package from Harveys Jewellers will be a return slip which requests you set out the relevant product that you wish to return and the relevant reason why you are returning the product.

The customer is to arrange for the package to be returned to Harveys Jewellers by the same means it was delivered to them (courier or postage).

Once Harveys Jewellers has received the affected product and has time to closely evaluate it to determine which remedy to apply, if Harveys Jewellers confirms that the reason for the fault/defect justifies and entitles the necessary remedy to be applied under guarantee, then Harveys Jewellers will:

-    After communicating to the customer the remedy that it considers would be best to apply, proceed to apply the remedy at nil cost to the end customer.

-    Appropriately package and return the remedied product to the customer at nil cost to the customer.
However, if Harveys Jewellers instead determines that the circumstances which gave rise to the fault/defect occurring were related to environmental factors (e.g. where/how the product was worn) rather than substandard manufacturing or an inherent fault with one or more element of the product or similar, then Harveys Jewellers will:

-    Communicate this determination to the customer, advising that there is no ground for a claim under guarantee and that any remedy applied to the product will therefore result in the customer being charged for the work performed.

-    Communicate the type of remedy required and the cost involved to the customer.

-    In the event the customer instructs Harveys Jewellers to proceed, perform the remedy work required.

-    Appropriately package and return the remedied product to the customer, charging the customer the courier/postage cost incurred when the product was returned by Harveys Jewellers of the remedied product to the customer.

Whenever Harveys Jewellers evaluates a product which has been returned by a customer, an authorised store personnel will closely examine the product and determine whether the remedy to apply should be:

(a)    To repair the product.

(b)    To replace the product.

(c)    To provide a refund (by way of online gift voucher or cash or cheque or credit card charge reversal).

If the problem is minor then Harveys Jewellers can choose whether the remedy should take the form of repair or replacement or refund. However, if the problem is a substantial fault/defect and/or cannot be put right within a reasonable period of time then the customer reserves the right to:

(a)    Reject the product and receive a refund up to the full purchase value of the product. Note – any freight/postage costs incurred are non-refundable.

(b)    Reject the product and receive an identical replacement product – or one of similar value if such an alternative is reasonably available.

(c)    Keep the affected product and receive compensation for the drop in its value caused by the fault/defect.

Irrespective of what the type or severity of the product fault/defect is, or what remedy is chosen, Harveys Jewellers has an obligation to comply with the Consumer Guarantees Act. The provisions of this Act apply to all products which feature on the Harveys Jewellers website to sales to customers who are located in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

A customer claim for repair, replacement or refund due to the customer changing their mind about a product that they purchased, is not a valid claim under the Consumer Guarantees Act; and therefore it is at the discretion of Harveys Jewellers whether or not they will oblige a product return under such circumstances and if they are willing to oblige some sort of settlement, the exhaustive range of options the customer has to choose from.

Should Harveys Jewellers accept a product return, the item is to be returned in a saleable condition within 30 days, accompanied by a sales receipt and return slip. You will need to set out details as to reason why you are returning the product. The customer is to arrange for the package to be returned to Harveys Jewellers by the same means it was delivered to them (courier or postage).

Should a refund occur, it will occur to the purchaser only in the form of the original tender. Gift recipients are entitled to a non-refundable online gift voucher.

For further information regarding the rights, duties and obligations of Harveys Jewellers and end customers under the Consumer Guarantees Act, please go to www.consumerlaw.gov.au.


Harveys Jewellers updates their sites product availability multiple times a day however in some rare instances another customer may have selected to purchase the same item as you at the same time. If this happens, Harveys Jewellers will notify you within one business day that we will not be able to deliver the goods in the usual delivery period. If it is an item that we cannot re-order, Harveys Jewellers will give you a refund immediately. If it is an item we can re-order, Harveys Jewellers will inform you of the new delivery timeframe and give you the choice of waiting or receiving a refund.

7. BE 100% HAPPY

The important thing to remember is that Harveys Jewellers wants the items you ordered to be perfect for you.